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Sight/Educational Tours

Ancient Messene

February 1, 2017 2 Comments

Information: Messene is a significant ancient city in terms of its size, form, and state of preservation, and still has much to offer. It possesses not only sanctuaries and public buildings, but also imposing fortifications, and houses and tombs. It enjoys, amongst other things, the advantage of never having been destroyed or covered by later settlements,

Palace of Nestor

April 26, 2018 Comments Off

  Information: The Palace of Nestor  was an important centre in Mycenaean times, and described in Homer’s Odyssey and Iliad as Nestor’s kingdom of “sandy Pylos”. The site is the best preserved Mycenaean Greek palace discovered. The palace is the primary structure within a larger Late Helladic era settlement, once probably surrounded by a fortified wall. The palace was a two-storey building with store rooms, workshops, baths, light wells,


April 26, 2018 Comments Off

Information: Mystras also known as Myzithras in the Chronicle of the Morea, is a fortified town and a former municipality in Laconia, Peloponnese, Greece. Situated on mountain Taygetos, near ancient Sparta, it served as the capital of the Byzantine Despotate of the Morea in the 14th and 15th centuries, experiencing a period of prosperity and cultural flowering. The site remained inhabited throughout the Ottoman period, when it was mistaken

Ancient Olympia

April 26, 2018 Comments Off

Information: Olympia, ruined ancient sanctuary is one of the most important archaeological sites in Greece, this was the place where the ancient Olympic Games were organized and this is why an entire sanctuary to god Zeus which had been ranked as one of the Seven Wonders of the World and was constructed next to the athletic installations in

Temple of Apollo Epicurius

April 26, 2018 Comments Off

Information: The temple in its current form was built between 420 and 400 BC. Archaeologists believe that under its foundations lies an even more ancient temple, probably from the seventh century BC. The temple is a unique monument and the inspiration behind its construction and the architect is considered to be the great and skillful

Saint Theodora of Vasta

April 26, 2018 Comments Off

Information: In a gully near Vasta village in Central Peloponese, St Theodora’s tiny chapel dating from the 11th or the 12th century is certainly a miracle of nature, and for the faithful, a sign of God’s power. In 2003, a geophysical investigation presented in Greece proved that the roots of the trees enveloping the structure

Diros Caves

April 26, 2018 Comments Off

Information: Diros Caves is actually a place that everyone should visit and see in their lifetime. Actually there are three caves, the Alepotrypa, Katafigi and Glyfada. This is a unique experience traveling barely a subterranean river length 1,600 m. The magic of the color, and the beautiful shapes, formed by the stalactites and stalagmites makes

Historical Centre of Kalamata

April 26, 2018 Comments Off

Information: Kalamata was a very small city and houses were built around and very close to the city walls of the ancient acropolis. In the beginning of the previous century it started spreading and it was finally united with the houses built by the port. The old city now is the area between the church

City/Village Tours

Historical Centre of Kalamata

April 26, 2018 Comments Off

Information: Kalamata was a very small city and houses were built around and very close to the city walls of the ancient acropolis. In the beginning of the previous century it started spreading and it was finally united with the houses built by the port. The old city now is the area between the church

Agios Nikolaos

April 26, 2018 Comments Off

Information: Agios Nikolaos is a graphic fishing village. Famous for tourist as it offers a calm landscape and people that help you relax! A lot of taverns and restaurants with traditional cuisine make their best dishes to serve you. Over the last decades Agios Nikolaos managed to develop tourism and create infrastructure for the hospitality


April 26, 2018 Comments Off

Information: The village of Stoupa has easily earned the title “fairy of the Messinian”. The newly built village that evolved at a fast pace into a famous tourist resort. Its original name was Potamos, from the river that crossed it, but it was renamed Stoupa from the pots that the natives put in the sea


April 26, 2018 Comments Off

Information: Kardamili is a place of exquisite beauty and is characterized by a variety of landscapes and a stricly traditional architecture. The old part of the city is looking down at the well preserved castled houses and the post – Byzantine church of Saint Spiridonas, the bell of which has been a pirates loot. The


April 26, 2018 Comments Off

Information: Arriving at Oitylo, you first meet the castle of Kelefas, which is opposite the west entrance of Mesa Mani. Built in the 17th century to defend the important port of Οιtilo. At the eastern entrance, the castle of Pasava, 12 kilometers from Gythio, ensuring the control of the entire peninsula of Mani. As soon

Costa Navarino

April 26, 2018 Comments Off

Information: Costa Navarino is the first high-end sustainable eco-friendly destination in the Mediterranean. A perfect destination to promote Messinia, while protecting and preserving its natural beauty, local culture and heritage. Costa Navarino was the dream of captain, entrepreneur and ship-owner Vassilis ‘Captain Vassilis’ Constantakopoulos. He always wanted to preserve, promote and give back to his homeland.


April 26, 2018 Comments Off

Information: A picturesque seaside settlement built in the beach of Navarino’s bay, Gialova has faithful friends thanks to the peaceful natural environment, the enchanting beaches and the romantic sunset. The wider area of Gialova with its rich flora and fauna is an important wetland of the Peloponnese. We must mention the Gialova lagoon that is


April 27, 2018 Comments Off

Information: Foinikounda is a coastal village of Messinia, which has developed into one of the most beautiful summer resorts of the southern Peloponnese. Everyone that visits the location has the best words to say and there are many tourists that came for vacations and eventually decided to stay there for a life. What it used to be


April 27, 2018 Comments Off

Information: A τourist destination, with a traditional aroma and a modern touch, Gythio is the largest and one of the most beautiful cities of Mani. It is an amazing destination with the main tourist attraction the harbor, the colorful neoclassic houses, the ouzo bars and the fully green island of Kranai, and of course the


April 27, 2018 Comments Off

Information: The inexhaustible natural beauty, the picturesque scenery, the historical sights and the warm hospitality of the locals fascinate every visitor. Some walks will help you explore the mysterious medieval city embraced by the glamor of the sea. Koroni, with the contrasts of its landscape, attracts visitors worldwide and the summer months especially is flooded


April 27, 2018 Comments Off

Information: Kyparissia is a modern city and an agricultural and commercial center of the province Trifylia. With a developed tourist infrastructure, interesting sights and wonderful beaches, attracts many tourists especially during the summer months. But all time of the year Kiparissia has  a big number of tourists and locals alike. The area is home to


April 27, 2018 Comments Off

Information: Methoni has excellent touristic infrastructure with hotels, campsites and rooms to rent for all the tourists that are flooding the place especially on summer. While in its tavernas you can enjoy an abundance of fresh fish and when we say fresh we mean it! The visitor can enjoy the sun and the sea on


April 27, 2018 Comments Off

Information: Pylos is built amphitheatrically in the southern opening of the bay of Navarino, where the historic battle took place, and is defined by the Isle Sfaktiria. Pylos is the largest natural harbor in Peloponnese and simultaneously one of the most interesting tourist destinations of Messinia, thanks to the glorious history and rich natural beauty of the


April 27, 2018 Comments Off

Information: Patras is a big town with lots of tourists and college students. It gets really busy due to its port that serves ferries schedules to the Ionian islands and Italy all year round. Patras is a vibrant city with very attractive and exciting events, lots of amenities which successfully combines the advantages of a


April 27, 2018 Comments Off

Information: Holidays in the Peloponnese means you must visit the most beautiful and historical cities and Nafplio is one of them. With it tile roofs, grey stone, grand homes and a blue-green sea Nafplio awaits you. The famous Bourtzi, Akronafplia and Palamidi castles are some important monuments to see and take some images. A stunning


April 27, 2018 Comments Off

Information: Tolo attracts many tourists during the summer months. The natural surroundings of the town with its beautiful beaches create a picturesque, romantic and idyllic picture. Opposite the port, one can admire the three little islands, Koronisi, Romvi and Daskalio. The main occupations of the residents of Tolo are primarily tourism and fishery. Tolo is

Agios Andreas

April 27, 2018 Comments Off

Information: Agios Andreas is a small picturesque and graphic village in Messinia which  has evolved into a very interesting tourist resort with good infrastructure in accommodation (hotels and apartments) and many possibilities of entertainment and good food in restaurants and taverns. The beach of Agios Andreas is 500 meters long and the coast has small pebbles and sand as all the beaches


May 24, 2018 Comments Off

Information: With equal measures both, Athens is a heady mix of history and edginess. Cultural and social life are equally found, around and in ancient landmarks. The magnificent Acropolis, visible from almost every part of the city, reminds Greeks daily of their heritage. The city of Athens have transformed many times through the years until

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