Methoni has excellent touristic infrastructure with hotels, campsites and rooms to rent for all the tourists that are flooding the place especially on summer. While in its tavernas you can enjoy an abundance of fresh fish and when we say fresh we mean it! The visitor can enjoy the sun and the sea on its golden beach with its granular sand.

Don’t forget to visit the medieval castle, the church of St. Onoufrios, which is built in a cave 4 Km away from the city, as well as the catacombs on the hill of St. Nikolaos 1 Km away from the city.

During the first Monday of Lent revives the custom of «the Marriage of Koutroulis» which dates back to the IE΄ century and it’s about two men who dress up as a bride and a bridegroom, go to the central square and get married. After the marriage there is a feast.


Methoni is one of the most historic small market town of Peloponnese and was very famous for its port because its spot had a great strategic and commercial importance. It is situated 65km southwestern to the city of Kalamata and the trip takes around 1 hour and 15 minutes.

Price: 80€

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