Saint Theodora of Vasta


In a gully near Vasta village in Central Peloponese, St Theodora’s tiny chapel dating from the 11th or the 12th century is certainly a miracle of nature, and for the faithful, a sign of God’s power.

In 2003, a geophysical investigation presented in Greece proved that the roots of the trees enveloping the structure followed the gaps existing inside the stone wall of the chapel, thus reaching the ground to be watered by the spring in the foundations.

The entire building is under considerable pressure due to the large load of the trees and it is a miracle that after hundreds of years, the chapel survives with no damage to the structure or to the trees. A spring comes out from underneath the chapel and irrigates the trees.

According to local legend, St Theodora lived during the tenth century on the Peloponnesus in Greece, near the border between the regions of Messenia and Arcadia in a town called Vasta.. When the area was raided by bandits, she diguised herself as a man to join the defense. In the battle that followed she was fatally wounded, and just before her death asked God to change her body into a church, her hair into a forest, and her blood into the water that will feed the trees.


The Chapel of St. Theodora is located just outside the village Vasta of Megalopolis in the Peloponnese of Greece. It is surrounded by an amazing green landscape and springs, no matter what you will enjoy your trip there. It is located 58 km from Kalamata city and trip is around 1 hour 10 minutes.

Price: 120€ (waiting 2 hours)

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